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 A Deacon's Mission 

by Dr. Ed Meyers

Introduction: "While serving as a deacon in our church, your person to person caring ministry make a big difference. Our FBC family feels secure & optimistic as you demonstrate your personal commitment to Christ in practical ministries & loyalty to our church. Your words of affirmation, positive faith & encouragement to others motivate & energize."


One Great Commission: "To make disciples of Jesus Christ. Together we will lead the way in sharing Christ through our lives and words."


Five Functions: "Evangelism. Discipleship. Fellowship, Ministry, & Worship."

Expected Kingdom Results: "Spiritual Transformation, Ministry Expansion, Numerical Growth, & Kingdom Advance."

Church Practices: "In addition to your duties as a deacon, give priority to Sunday worship, Connection Groups, discipleship opportunities & ministry teams."  

Deacons & Yokefellows

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